The Problem:
After years of service and a loyal fan base, Southern Oregon based pub The Rogue Growler was losing market share; after an in-depth brand analysis, the source of the problem was discovered. The brand had based its name and communication strategy around the vernacular "Rogue" and "Growler," a play on words based upon the pub's location in the Rogue Valley, Oregon. It was a cute pun, however, numerous competitors were utilizing the same wordplay in their vocabulary.  
The Solution:
The pub's brand strategy was completely reimagined, beginning with a new name - now The Copper Plank - and culminating in a strong visual language that told their story in a bold, compelling way. 
The Outcome:
After the rebrand, the business saw a 24% sales hike, which continues to climb month over month. This is higher than the projected goal of 20% that was set at the project onset. 
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