I can't say enough good things about David Masters. Have you seen his beautiful product designs for NatureWise? We already had a great brand base to work from, but still, he took two of our products to a whole new level of beauty, appeal, and engagement. I fully believe that the only reason why our Oral Health Probiotics are up for an Editor's Choice Award this year at Supply Side West 2018 is because of his brilliant design. It's simply that good. This was a product that we had been selling for over two years, and sales were stagnant. As soon as we upgraded the packaging, it immediately went to #1 in its category. It was simply that much better than every other brand on the market. That’s how critical it is to have someone like David on your team.
More than being a talented artist and designer, David is a really heart-felt, passionate, caring, perfectionist. As a business owner, I really couldn't ask for more. Also, he's incredibly humble, hungry, and still eager to learn and grow. Honestly, he's just a great human being. If you’re looking for great, you've found it.
I look forward to working with him again.
- DavidPaul Doyle, CEO NatureWise

David is a brilliantly creative designer who produces work which is crisp, professional, and extraordinary. He is a uniquely qualified artist whose approach to design and illustration make him truly stand out in a world full of people claiming to be 'designers.' I highly recommend working with David.
- Andrew Konya, CEO Remesh, Inc.

Dave exceeded expectations on our project and really delivered an exceptional result. He is detail oriented, and showed us options we never would have come up with on our own.
- John Adams, Director of Office/ B2B Compass Marketing, Inc.
I’ve worked with David as a client for the past 4 years and continue to work with him as often as possible. His strengths as both a seasoned designer and a creative director define him as a reliable, punctual, and expert partner at everything from full-stack rebrand to a single package design. There is no better partner in design for your business or organization than David Masters.
- Alex Poythress, Owner Reveil Agency
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