The Problem:
NatureWise was poised to erupt in the natural products space in both beverage and supplement categories. To gain more exposure the brand set its sights on New Hope Network's 2018 Expo West event. The problem was that the team had bit off more than they could chew; they had agreed to the show but they didn't have a proper booth or marketing collateral and the exhibition was only a month away.
The Solution:
The solution was hard work and thoughtful creative strategy. During my first week as Creative Director, I was given the challenge of creating two booths and all marketing collateral, and preparing it all to be shipped hundreds of miles away in Anaheim, CA.
The Outcome:
Despite having never previously worked with the brand or the team, I am proud to say that the booths were a massive success and opened up several opportunities for the brand to expand into various channels. 
"When he first started working with us he was tasked with creating an entire booth concept (and the actual booth) for a HUGE industry convention only one month later. Although it was a nearly impossible request, David rose immediately to the challenge, and created something absolutely stunning in very little time, and with a team he had just met."
-Marla Craddick, Quality & Compliance Manager
The Ashwagandha Energy Drink booth was featured in the Hot New Products section of the exhibit. The booth received thousands of visitors and received and I am both proud and humbled to say that the booth received high praise from corporate buyers as Walmart, 7-Eleven, and CVS.
 Because of the infectious nature of the hand gesture illustrations on the can, I was encouraged to do my own of a high-five image to tie the entire line together and emphasize the five flavors. Also, I coined the phrase "The High-Five to Green Energy", which was typeset on all shirts and signage. 
Also, our team was commenting on the uncertainty of the spelling of the word Ashwagandha; it's an adaptogenic herb and the foundational ingredient of the drink line. Because of this, I immediately led the team in a game of wordplay in which we broke up the word into smaller sections to emphasize the spelling. 
THIS IS A-SHWAG-AND-HA BAG, SHIRT, STICKER, BUTTON (insert noun) was born. I have always loved vintage label makers- they have simplistic DIY energy and I wanted to bring that same scrappy energy to the booth presentation; the black box provided that mechanism and added a sense of uniformity to the entire project. Besides, we determined that all of our Ashwagandha SWAG would from that point forward be called SHWAG.
The NatureWise supplements booth attracted an entirely different side of the industry. Because of the well established and more conservative positioning, I needed to create a booth to pay honor to the brand that the consumer had come to trust while creating enough visual intrigue to interest new market opportunities. 
I worked with understated beige tones of wood and canvas juxtaposed with the bold NatureWise green tone to draw visual interest to the brand name and point the passerby to the back of the booth, where they would be visually invited to take in all of the product lines.
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