The Problem:
Medical Eye Center is the preeminent Vision center of the Pacific Pacific Northwest and one of the most recognized in the United States for its contribution to advancements in major vision correction and care. Though the company is well established, the brand did not reflect a heritage of over 100 years. Many of the brand's components were dated; the imagery, typography, and color palette were firmly planted in the 1990s and it lacked a sense of contemporary brand positioning to continue to drive visibility in the marketplace.​​​​​​​
The Solution:
The rebranding process began with an in-depth competitive analysis and brand positioning analysis, both of which provided a trustworthy foundation from which to understand and broadcast the brand. From this research, a more compelling visual narrative was created. 
The Outcome
The rebrand "not only capsulized our mission and style with our updated brand but also shaped our path so we’ll continue to stay 'on brand' ." - Medical Eye Center
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