Answer: It's Your Brand.

It’s your brand that will withstand the test of time.
It’s your brand that builds loyalty with your customers and keeps them coming back again and again. If this is true—and I’ll fall on this sword— then the work our team creates cannot simply be about pretty colors and pleasing shapes— no, to be impactful, it must be first and foremost grounded in strong concept.
But, is your brand reaching its full potential?

If you're on this page I'm assuming that you’re not sure about the answer to that question. 
I can help.
This is the part where I ask you to be honest with yourself. 
Are you building a lasting legacy for your business? Does your brand speak to the core of who you are?
Here are 5 questions to help you evaluate the strength of your brand:
1. Is my brand story clear and understood by my audience?
Every great brand is grounded in a compelling narrative, and a firm sense of its own identity. Who are you?                  Why do you do what you do? And most importantly, can your customers answer the same questions?  
If your customers can't identify with your brand in a sea of other ads, it will be that much harder for                            them to trust you, and to advocate for you among your competitors.
2. Is my brand cohesive?
Consistency is key for any leading brand. It is imperative that every time a customer interacts with your brand, the experience is unified and cohesive, from the language and messaging used to colors, fonts, and imagery.
3. Does my brand scale?
The size of your brand is less important here—the focus should be on having the infrastructure in place for it to expand.  A brand focused on growth and scaling: Has processes in place that ensure a consistent brand experience if its size doubles tomorrow. Is taking full advantage of technology to ensure a positive experience for every customer. Grows in market share and customer loyalty with every advertising dollar spent. If you’re unsure of whether you can confidently say these things about your brand, there’s a good chance that it isn’t fully scalable. Don’t let yourself be the one to stunt your own growth.
4. Does my brand stand out?
The average American consumes 4,000 advertisements per day. How do you stand out from the other 3,999? 
The first rule to getting ahead in the market is to stop looking and sounding like everyone else.
5. Are my customers loyal?
Do you have return customers? Are you following up with them and actively investing in those relationships? Are people talking about your business online? Brand loyalty is essential to maintaining and growing your business. Your loyal customers are your greatest assets, and often the key to attracting others to your business, thus growing your following    and your business as a whole.
The truth is it’s not about more marketing, it’s about the right marketing.
I begin and end with a focus on your specific business needs, the unique attributes of your product or service that sets you apart, and the desires of the consumers in your market.
Whether you’re a legacy brand trying to grow your market share, a challenger brand trying to redefine “normal” for an entire industry, or a corporate brand looking to rise above the noise, I'm here to help you stand out.

Interested in what I could do for you? 
Let’s talk.
Thank you for reaching out.I'm looking forward to igniting your brand!
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