Role: Branding, Creative Direction, & Design
Ballistic Armor Co. is a trusted source of economical military-spec body armor and ballistic protection for both civilian and military use. They have clients throughout the world, which include the US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marshals, and SWAT.
When I was approached with the opportunity to brand BAC, I performmed competitive and market analysis to better understand the demographic for this industry. There was a certain level of grit that I wanted to bring to this brand, which led me to coin the phrase "Brave the Assault", as I wanted to capture a sense of strength and solidarity. 
Three Initial directions were considered: 
ALDABRA GIANT TORTOISE: The structured exterior supports internal strength and intellect.
MORALE BADGES: Strong and simple design that allows for versatility of the mark. These are battlefield embleleshments,which allow for heightened mark without fussy design.
CANNONS: Cannons, though seemingly outdated, refer to strength and domineer on the battlefield. Though they are a battlefield antagonist, their protection comes from their ability to enforce firepower over their rival.
The Aldabra Giant Tortoise was ultimately chosen because, not only does it posses strength, determination, and resolve, but it is also known for its intellect.
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